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After I thought about the 50th and how it would have been better if the Ninth Doctor had been involved… I have come up with this plot. I wanted to keep the majority of the episode the same, but include Rose and Nine, and get rid of the massive disregard to all previous canon thanks to Moffat’s reset button. Not sure if anyone will like it and it does have some loose ends, but here goes:

  • Eight regenerated into Nine, there is no John Hurt War Doctor
  • Nine and Rose are traveling together
  • Rose becomes possessed by “the moment” thanks to the Bad Wolf and the TARDIS is drawn to this shed where the moment is
  • thanks to the Bad Wolf, Nine gets the chance to decide if he’s going to let the moment happen or not
  • Rose (aka the moment) opens the time vortex and Nine has to go through if he wants the moment to leave Rose
  • Nine meets his future selves, Ten and Eleven
  • banter between them, Nine is the one that asks them if they remember how many children were on Gallifrey
  • someone actually mentions how evil and wrong the Time Lords became in the end so that it doesn’t look like Gallifrey was completely innocent
  • Rose/the moment is still there in Nine’s mind for only Nine to see 
  • they go through that whole plot with the Zygons
  • Nine sees his future selves, and Clara (because Nine and Clara interaction would be awesome), and goes back with a decision made
  • "You know the sound the TARDIS makes? That wheezing, groaning? That sound brings hope wherever it goes. To anyone who hears it, Doctor. Anyone. However lost. Even you."
  • the two TARDIS of Ten and Eleven show up
  • Ten sees Rose - possessed by the moment - there’s interaction about this and Ten seeing Rose’s face again, seeing her in front of his eyes and barely being able to keep it together for the sake of not giving away what lies in her/their future to Nine
  • Clara doesn’t shake her head, just watches with tears, as the three of them decide together to push the big red button and destroy Gallifrey - because there was no other way. There was no way to save Gallifrey. 
  • the Doctor lives on with the knowledge that he had to destroy Gallifrey, but now it was all recent versions of himself
  • the moment leaves Rose Tyler, she’s back to her normal self and Nine picks her up, hugging her, glad to have her back but also holding on to her for comfort
  • Ten watches sadly/longingly
  • Eleven and Clara are holding hands
  • Interaction between Rose, Ten, Eleven and Clara
  • Nine leaves first, with Rose, and Ten says goodbye to Rose with a wide smile yet sad eyes - he says goodbye to Clara the same way he does in the 50th because we don’t want to lose that charm
  • the rest of the ending between Eleven and Clara happens
  • Tom Baker still comes in as the Curator but he actually says things that make sense and has reason for being there
  • and during the episode there are several references back to each Doctor and their notable companions so that it actually feels like a 50th anniversary special and not just a special episode that’s just happening to bridge to the next part of the story

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