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50 Shades of Couch
  • [Series: Complete. Words: 6484] 
    Part OneTwoThreeFourFiveSixSevenEight, Ninth.
  • Stiles and Derek’s battle of falling asleep on each other - turned into adventures on the couch. Torah art drabbles. Humor. Fluff.
  • “Derek was whispering a lullaby that he used to sing to Cora and his other young siblings when they were sad. The same one that their mother sang, the same one that Laura sang… about wolves and the moon and the waves of the ocean.” Hurt/Comfort. Words: 934.
  • Song inspired drabble. Demon!Stiles. Implied Sterek. Angst. Words: 324.
  • Derek cares for a sick Stiles. McCallHale. Aidi art drabble. Hurt/Comfort. Words: 625.
  • Stiles forces Derek to watch bad horror movies. Crack. Words: 221.
  • Stiles has had far too much to drink and a certain sourwolf gets an ear full. Humor? Angst? Words: 1601.
  • Derek finds himself covered in birds and Stiles has the perfect song. Humor. Torah art drabble. Words: 189.
  • Bondage, blow jobs and edible underwear. It’s all Stiles could ask for really. Humor. Human AU. NSFW. For Aidi. Words: 1919.
  • Derek, Stiles, Scott and Isaac break down on the side of the road and Derek gets out to fix the car in a very Megan Fox way. Humor. Aidi art drabble. Words: 486.
  • Stiles and Derek have a huge argument and Scott is there to hold Stiles as he breaks down. Angst. Words: 717.
  • So Stiles claims to be. Humor. Slightly NSFW. Finish the sentence drabble. Words 130.
  • Derek is so not romantic in how he carries Stiles. Torah art drabble. Humor/Fluff. Words: 180.
  • Derek sneezes… and he regrets it. Aidi art drabble. Humor. Words: 957.
  • Derek challenges Stiles to play Skyrim while he blows him. NSFW. Torah art drabble. Words: 868.
  • Lydia is throwing a movie version “Clue” based murder mystery party and the only role left for Stiles is the maid. Humor. Torah art drabble. Words: 1292.
  • Oral fixation. NSFW. Art inspired drabble. Words: 179.
  • Stiles comes out to his father but he might come out about the wrong thing. Humor. Words: 484.
  • Derek connects the dots on Stiles’ body. Humor. Fluff. Torah art drabble. Words: 261.
Cookie Cheer
  • Short drabble. Fluff. Words: 255.
  • Stiles brings Derek cookies to cheer him up. Hurt/Comfort. Fluff. Words: 545.
  • Stiles wants Derek to eat the cookie (and not that’s not an innuendo… but it should be). Torah art drabble. Humor, Fluff. Words: 181.
  • Stiles and Derek spend the night on Stiles’ rooftop. Angst. Torah art drabble. Words: 645. Podfic.
  • Derek messes up Stiles baking but they both mess up the kitchen. NSFW. Fluff. Torah art drabble. Words: 1852.
  • Sterek AU: Sheriff Stilinski comes home to find a strange boy in his living room, apparently waiting to take his son on a date. Humor. Words: 270.
Dead Before the Day is Done
  • [Series: Complete.] NSFW. Demon!Stiles. Sterek. Consensual possession. Dubcon. Dirty Talk.
  • Part One: Dead Before the Day is DoneDerek confronts Stiles and pushes until Stiles’ demonic secret is forcibly revealed. Words: 8742.
  • Part Two: Cannot Be UndoneAfter a week of being denied sex, Stiles and his demon are able to follow through on the promise to dominate Derek. Bottom!Derek. Words: 3548.
  • Stiles brings Derek a shirt and Derek is completely oblivious to how he’s being objectified. Fluff. Humor. Torah art drabble. Words: 276.
  • Stiles lets his guard down while studying giving Derek the perfect opportunity to pounce. Humor. Torah art drabble. Words: 424.
  • And then Derek’s face suddenly sprouted several tiny dicks and Stiles didn’t know where to put his lips anymore. CRACK! THE CRACKIEST CRACK FIC EVER. (Aidi inspired) Humor. Words: 386.
  • Stiles dying in Derek’s arms. Angst. Words: 70.
  • Who says it first? Fluff. Humor. Words: 259.
  • Stiles discovers Derek drunk cheated on him. Crack. Words: 161.
  • Stiles and Derek enjoy the peace and quiet in each others arms. Fluff. Words: 578.
  • Stiles told Derek to do his own research and weeks later Stiles finds himself bored with the alpha’s silent treatment. Humor. Fluff. Aidi art drabble. Words: 1060.
  • Stiles buys Derek an eyebrow comb. Humor. Torah art drabble. Words: 218.
  • Stiles charts the expressions of Derek Hale. Humor. Torah art drabble. Words: 368.
Eyebrow Love
  • Stiles loves Derek’s bushy caveman eyebrows. Humor. Fluff. Torah art drabble. Words: 385.
  • Derek makes a friend. Humor. Words: 1075.
  • Stiles learns that Derek is afraid of horror movies. Fluff. Aidi art drabble. Words: 1268.
  • Derek’s tail. That’s what it is. Torah art drabble. Humor. Words: 134.
  • Stiles can’t decide what he wants. NSFW. Fluff. Aidi inspired. McCallHale. Words: 814.
  • Stiles is sick with strep throat and everyone but Stiles is glad he can’t talk - even Derek. Fluff? Words: 1737.
  • Stiles brings home two cats despite already temporary housing three. Pack feels (sort of). Torah art drabble. Fluff. Words: 334.
  • Wolf!Derek finds a small, albeit annoying little fox that will not leave him alone. Fox!Stiles. Animal AU. Fluff. Torah art drabble. Words: 770.
  • Derek and Stiles are having relationship issues and they mostly revolve around Cora. Angst. Words: 3068.
  • Derek and Stiles find themselves pixelated. Humor. Torah art drabble. Words: 173.
  • Stiles and Derek find themselves switched to the opposite gender but Stiles is more interested in anatomy than he is in changing it. Humor. Aidi art drabble. Words: 693.
  • Stiles refuses to sleep, he wants to research but Derek wants him to get some rest. Fluff. Aidi art drabble. Words: 547.
  • Stiles/Derek grinding. Crack. Words: 64.
  • Fox!Stiles doesn’t enjoy Wolf!Derek’s cleaning habits. Animal AU. Fluff. Art inspired drabble. Words: 262.

Hale Hat

  • Stiles’ magic turns Derek into a Santa Hat. Humor. Words: 1542.


  • Stiles shows up at Derek’s door on Halloween expecting a trick or a treat, not both. NSFW. Humor. Side Allydia and Scisaac. Aidi inspired. Words: 1826.
  • Stiles has a nightmare about the days back when the alphas attacked and the pack was dying. Fluff. Hurt/Comfort. Torah art drabble. Words: 987.
  • Derek has a fascination with what Stiles tastes like and one day he decides to test that theory. Humor. Fluff. Inspired by ask-sourwolf-and-stiles cosplayers. Words: 745.
  • Stiles has a little surprise for Derek’s birthday but it’s not that easy to surprise a werewolf. Fluff. Words: 867.

Hipster Theft

Holiday Baking

  • 5 sentence drabble. Teasing, cooking, mistletoe. Fluff. Words: 120.

Holiday Movie Debate

  • Christmas fic for Caitlin. The pack fights over what Christmas movie they’re watching and Stiles delegates. Pack Feels. Fluff. Words: 2431.
  • Stiles is quite good at getting into embarrassing situations when it comes to Derek. Now he’s stuck inside a crate with him. What could possibly go wrong? NSFW. Torah art fic. Words: 2112.
  • Fox!Stiles and Wolf!Derek have been tracked down by an alpha pack. Animal AU. Angst. Character Death. Art inspired drabble. Words: 394.
  • Stiles is falling asleep, Derek is a hypocrite. Fox!Stiles, Wolf!Derek, Fluff. Torah art drabble. Words: 162.
  • Derek totally has fleas. Fluff. Torah art drabble. Words: 235.
  • Short drabble. Angst. For Aidi and Torah. Words: 125.
  • Stiles and Derek find themselves trapped together in a closet. Humor. Words: 1090.
  • 5 sentence drabble: full, naked, kiss. NSFW? Fluff. Words: 131.
  • Stiles and Derek are out in the rain, Stiles refuses to use an umbrella. Humor. Torah art drabble. Words: 151.
  • After a terrible accident, Stiles promises to give up magic but when Derek finds that Stiles has been less than truthful, he breaks things off. Angst. Hurt/Comfort. Words: 3827.

  • Derek’s home is infested with spiders and he’s confused about Stiles’ stance on them. Humor. It wasn’t even Torah art and it still got fic’d. Words: 135.
  • Spoilers for 3.04. Stiles finds Derek after he sent Isaac away. Angst. Fluff? Words: 731. 
  • 5 sentence drabble: parent, drink, alarm clock. Fluff. Words: 137.
  • Stiles sees Derek again after ten years. Angst. Words: 490.
  • Never insult Stiles’ fashion sense. Humor. Finish the sentence drabble. Words: 210.
  • 5 sentence drabble: Kittens at a Hale family dinner. Fluff. Humor. Words: 219.
  • Stiles tries to talk to Derek about Paige. Spoilers for S3E8: Visionary. Hurt/Comfort. Angst. Words: 1575.
  • Stiles writes a letter to Santa asking for something… someone… Hurt/Comfort. For Torah and Aidi. Words: 1821.
  • There’s a difference between licking your lips and liking someone else’s. Humor. Words: 147.
  • Stiles is talking in his sleep again and Derek holds a conversation with him. Fluff. Words: 589.
  • Five Times Derek Fell Asleep in Stiles’ Bed and the One Time He Didn’t. Humor. Angst. Near-Character Death. Torah art she drew for this. Words: 3570.
  • 5 sentence drabble: Stiles is eating a banana and Derek… well. Humor. Words: 168.
  • Hitchhiking back to Beacon Hills wasn’t exactly Derek’s plan but that’s how it happened. That’s how he met Stiles. And that’s how his sister concluded that he was an idiot for ever getting out of that jeep. Fluff/Angst. Words: 9550.
  • Footies. Torah Birthday. Bright Socks. The Usual. NSFWish. Humor. Words: 903.
  • Possessive!Derek and Sassy!Stiles for a night out. Humor. Words: 382.

Night Pushes the Day

  • [Series: Discontinued. Words: 7944] Prologue & Chapter OneChapter Two.
  • It fell into the water, flailing and twisting in the water as if it didn’t know how to swim. It placed its hand upon Stiles’ fin and he felt the warmth of it pass through him. It was something Stiles wanted to know much more about. It was named Derek; and Derek was just as captivated by Stiles and his red fin. Inspired by a Torah art drabble.

Not Exactly

  • Stiles’ magic doesn’t go exactly to plan when trying to make Isaac a wolf. Magic!Stiles, Wolf!Derek. Humor. Torah art drabble. Words: 976.


  • "Derek got roped into hanging around for the first day of orientation. What Derek hadn’t signed up for was a day of watching every single freshman hit on Stiles Stilinski like he was candy for the taking." Humor. Words: 1215.

On Purpose

  • [With Scisaac] Stiles and Derek share a kiss outside of Scott’s window. Fluff. Torah Art Drabble. Words: 203.

Oral Anxieties

  • Can you write a scene where Stiles tries to leave because he just thinks he messes everything up and that he can’t do anything right, but Derek goes after him and won’t let him leave? NSFW. Words: 1332.

Outburst in the Classroom

  • Nerd!Stiles/Jock!Derek AU. Humor. Words: 426.

Pack Support

  • Stiles is upset and comes back to an understanding pack. Wolf!Derek. Wolf forms for all werewolves actually. Angst. Pack Feels. Torah art drabble. Words: 232.


  • Stiles’ reaction to babies. Aidi art drabble. Fluff. Humor. Words: 229.

Pink Tutu

  • With hints of Steter. Finish the sentence drabble. Humor. Crack. Words: 164.

Playground Care

  • Kid!Fic: Stiles scrapes his knee and Derek helps him. Fluff. Words: 669.
  • Stiles and Derek are looking more like a fox and a wolf. Humor, Fluff. Torah art drabble. Words: 343.
  • Stiles’ first birthday at university and he gets an unexpected guest in his bedroom. Fluff. For Torah. Words: 1127.
  • Derek gets turned into a wolf for the day and is put into Stiles’ care. Fluff. Humor. Words: 1008.

Prank Wars

  • Stiles and Derek’s friendship turned prank wars. University AU. Humor. Fluff. Words: 830.

Private Investigation

  • Stiles is a private detective assigned to keep an eye on Derek hale, The number one suspect on Laura Hale’s murder. A couple weeks go by, and Derek finally confronts Stiles, knowing he had been following him from the start. Torah art inspired. Words: 2470.

Projectile Proposal and Part 2

  • Derek is trying to propose but Stiles isn’t paying attention. Humor. Words: 1813.
  • [+Scisaac] Derek and Stiles decide to go relax on the beach for a day alone that turns out to be a day taking care of the kids. Fluff. Humor. Torah art drabble. Words: 1129.
  • AKA the one with the giant, glowing red dildo lamp. [+Scisaac] Stiles redecorates the loft while Derek’s gone. Humor. Words: 1219.
  • Derek does the right thing by driving everyone away to protect them, especially Stiles. Angst. Aidi art drabble. Words: 749.
  • Stiles and Derek haven’t spoken since the night of the alpha battle, and the night Stiles lost his virginity to Derek. Angst with fluffy epilogue. Words: 2877.
  • Stiles needs a Kim Possible for his Ron, will it be Lydia or Derek? Humor. Torah art drabble. Words: 319.
  • Finish the sentence drabble. Humor. Words: 100.
  • Another argument between Derek and Stiles about whether or not he’s allowed to fight with the pack. Implied magic!Stiles. Fluff. Based on torah art. Words: 875.
Satyr & Cerberus
  • [Series: Complete. Words: 7420.] A collection of drabbles based on Torah’s Greek AU where Stiles is a lower class Satyr and Derek is a wealthy Cerberus living in Athens.
  • Part OneTwoThreeFourFiveSixSeven, Eight
  • Derek is forced to dress up as Batman for Halloween while Stiles dresses up as Spider-Man and surprises him from above. Fluff. Torah art drabble. Words: 833.
  • Stiles discovers Derek’s fear of sharks. Torah art drabble. Humor. Words: 869.
  • Character Death. Angst. Drabble. Words: 253.
  • Stiles and Derek work out a different sleeping arrangement thanks to the Sheriff. Inspired by ask-sourwolf-and-stiles. Humor. Words: 1175.
  • Stiles steals Derek’s jacket, so Derek steals Stiles’ sweater and his bed while he’s gone. Fluff. Aidi art drabble. Words: 976.
  • Stiles and Derek go out in the snow to make a snowman that Derek is totally not jealous over. Torah art drabble. Fluff. Words: 659.
  • You. Here. Snuggle. Now. Fluff. Humor. Words: 322.
  • Torah said “Oh my god. Derek and Stiles getting married and Derek finally being able to call someone dad again.” Fluff, Pack Feels. Words: 1005.
  • Stiles dies and ghost/wolf!Derek is his mate. Crack. Humor. Torah art drabble. Words: 234.
  • Derek’s been acting weirder than normal and Stiles tries to ignore it. Humor. Torah art drabble. Words: 947.

Study Fail

  • Derek and Stiles attempt to study for their Shakespeare class. Fluff. Humor. University AU. Aidi art drabble. Words: 342.


  • [Series: Complete] Aka: The I Miss You Rock.
  • Part One: Subtlies FeelingsStiles carved his feelings onto a rock… that he may or may not want to throw at Derek’s head. Angst? Fluff. Torah art drabble. Words: 660.
  • Part Two: Not So SubtleThe ‘I Miss You’ rock returns with a vengeance. And as NSFW. Words: 1925.


  • Stiles is distracting. Humor. Aidi art drabble. Words: 734.

Sweet Addiction

  • Stiles introduces Derek to Cadbury Crème Eggs. Humor. Words: 3503

Take Me Hard

  • Stiles is fed up with Derek’s discretion regarding virginity. Mildly NSFW. Art inspired drabble. Words: 389.

Teef Touchin

  • [+ scisaac] Scott and Isaac spy on Stiles and Derek while they’re laying in bed. Humor. Fluff? Aidi art drabble. Words: 161.


  • It wasn’t even Aidi art and it still got fic’d… crack. Nothing but Sterek crack and pack meetings. Humor. Words: 262.

Tender Lovin’

  • McCallHale. Aidi art drabble. NSFW Words: 397.

This is the End

  • After Derek excorcises a demon from Stiles, reliefs and kissing (and awkward Isaac added). Crack. Words: 157.

Thrift Store

  • Song inspired drabble. Derek doesn’t appreciate Stiles’ taste in music. Humor. Words: 115.
Tied Up
  • [Series: Complete. Words: 4199] Part OnePart Two, Part Three.
  • CollegeStudent!Stiles and BusinessMan!Derek meet in the park… after Stiles catcalled him about his badly tied tie. Humor, Fluff. Based on Torah’s art
  • Stiles finds himself distracted by Derek’s lack of shirt. Aidi art drabble. Humor. Words: 228.
  • Stiles’ magic goes awry and suddenly he and Derek have twins. Magic!Stiles. Humor. Words: 288.
  • Scott has had it with the blatant innuendo between Derek and Stiles right in front of him. Potential spoilers for s3. Implied fisting. Humor. Aidi art drabble. Words: 294.
  • Stiles and Derek unconsciously holding hands. Fluff. 5 sentence drabble. Words: 143.
  • Sometimes when you’re sad the strangest and most unexpected things happen. Humor? Fluff? Words: 1300.

Video Expression

  • Stiles discovers something interesting about his werewolf friends’ reactions to wolf videos on youtube. Torah art drabble. Humor. Words: 1080.

Was That a Present?

  • Christmas fic for Gianna. Stiles is decorating the house when Derek comes to give Stiles his Christmas present… so Stiles thinks. NSFW. Words: 1238.
  • Witches have kept Derek a were but changed him into something… less than dignifying. Humor. Words: 203.
  • After a monster plays mind tricks on the pack, Stiles and Derek need to affirm their existence and what they mean to each other. NSFW. Intimacy. Torah art drabble. Words: 1443.
  • Except maybe it isn’t because Stiles was too busy being upset about Derek not showing up for his birthday that he forgot to unlock it. Fluff. Words: 1189.


  • Cruiser and 4Runner (Hunter) watch a movie together. Yes these two cars are shipped. Fluff. Humor. Torah art drabble. 4Ruiser. Words: 829.
  • Stiles is still weirded out by his jeep being a person. Mostly focused on Jeep/Stiles brotp. Fluff? For Torah. Words: 946.
  • Stiles and Jeep have some buddy time to talk about Derek’s Toyota. Humor. Mentions of Jeeyota. Words: 429.
  • Cruiser and 4Runner bake… more or less successfully. Vaguely NSFW. 4Ruiser. Torah art drabble. Words: 847.
  • Stiles and Scott converse about Jeep and Camaro’s relationship… sort of. Humor/Fluff? Words: 374.
  • Derek and Stiles meet at drive in but then the cars change and they don’t have anywhere to sit but both couples are cute. Fluff. Words: 462.
  • Jeep dying (his hair) in Cam’s arms. Humor/Crack. Words: 197.
  • Cruiser wakes up in the middle of the night but hears Cam sneaking into Jeep’s room. Humor. Aidi art drabble. Words: 633.
  • "Um…" Cruiser blinked, pursing his lips as he glanced around the kitchen in confusion and anticipation. "Is… everything okay? I only say this because you have me handcuffed to the Stilinski’s kitchen table, you see." NSFW. 4Ruiser. Torah art drabble. Words 1942.
  • Jeep hits on Stiles and makes Derek jealous. Humor? Words: 479.
  • 4Runner and Cruiser watch a certain Dreamworks production. Fluff. Humor. Words: 973.
  • Jeep’s favorite thing about his human form is reading. Fluff. Torah Art Drabble. Words: 226.
  • Dirtbike goes parkouring one night to find Gus (Ethan’s motorbike) alone on top of a roof… NSFW. Words: 3661.
  • Cruiser interrupts Jeep/Cam time and pays the price. Humor. Bit of Cruiz/4Runner. Words: 1165.
  • Derek gets a Toyota FJ Cruiser for the pack, and Stiles somehow manages to turn it into a human. Words: 1576.
  • Jeep is totally not jealous of Camaro’s leather seats. Not at all. Fluff.Torah art drabble. Words: 164.
  • The cars are all over each other and Stiles just yells at Derek to get his Camaro off his precious baby. Humor. Words: 384.
  • Cam asks Jeep out for an official date but it gets interrupted. Jeemaro. Humor. Words: 491.
  • Jeep and Camaro are in the middle of something on Stiles’ floor when they’re interrupted. NSFW. Humor. Aidi art drabble. Words: 775.
  • Cruiser and 4Runner and a bit more than public displays of affection in the middle of the police station lobby. NSFW-ish. 4Ruiser. Aidi art drabble. Words: 843.
  • Porsche’s favorite past time is making Jeep angry. Torah art drabble. Humor. Words: 182.
  • Tahoe and Mag are interrupted. NSFWish. Humor. Words: 989.
  • This joke was only a matter of time. Jeemaro. NSFW. Humor. Words: 988.
  • Camaro and Derek are in an accident. Derek heals but Camaro… leaves Jeep sick with worry. Angst. For Torah. Words: 1153.
  • On this day, every year, they would go for a drive and Jeep isn’t going to let Stiles change his routine just because he’s changed. Angst. Words: 1598.
  • Jeep and Stiles find that Derek has different wheels but Camaro isn’t happy about how Jeep is looking at the ToyotaFluff. Torah art drabble. Words: 603.
  • Tahoe/Mag. First encounter. Fluff? Words: 937.
  • Cruiser and 4Runner sparring turns into a different kind of sweaty time. NSFW. Torah art drabble. Words: 1072.
Too Slow
  • 4Ruiser. Cruiser’s going too slow and 4Runner takes the innitiative. NSFW. Aidi art drabble. Words: 1221.
Unfortunate Circumstances
  • Gus is constantly put into these situations with DirtBike. NSFWish. Humor. Words: 838.



  • How Scott and Isaac met because of their dogs. Dog AU. Crack. Words: 381
  • Scisaac for Maeve based on her lyrics from Anchor. Fluff. Words: 877.
  • Scisaac. Isaac and Scott are living together and they get a care package from home. Fluff. Humor. Words: 1310.
  • What happened while Isaac and Scott were keeping watch for Melissa. Humor. Words: 625. 
  • Scott buys condoms, there are a lot of nerves involved. Humor. Fluff. Words: 1541.
  • Isaac helping MamaMcCall set the table but he only puts out two places because he assumes he is not invited for dinner, but he actually is. Fluff. Pre-slash. Words: 699.
  • Scott wakes up to Isaac having a nightmare and comforts him. Angst. Hurt/Comfort. Words: 1281.
  • Isaac and Scott go shopping. Crack. Words: 184.



  • "They were together, they would always be together. No matter how broken Isaac got, they would always be there to put him back together." Hurt/Comfort. AU. Words: 366.
  • Isaac volunteers to be there for both Allison and Scott. Spoilers for S3E11. Crack. Humor. Words: 444.
  • and skinny dipping. Humor. Fluff. Finish the sentence drabble. Words: 187.
  • Puppy pile on Allison in the morning. Fluff. Words: 395.
  • Almost phone sex… not quite though. Fluff. Humor. Finish the sentence drabble. Words: 218.
  • Isaac is triggered during a fight with a couple of omegas and Allison and Scott are there to keep him calm. NSFW. Hurt/Comfort. Words: 1795.



Archery Lessons

  • Allison teaching Lydia how to shoot a bow. Humor/Fluff. Words: 124.

Curve of Your Lips

  • Allison holds Lydia after she’s attacked. Spoilers for S3E9. Hurt/Comfort. Words: 286.
Girl’s Night
  • [Allyrica] Lydia and Allison invite Erica to a girl’s night. Fluff. Words: 835.


  • Lydia takes Allison lingerie shopping. NSFW. Words: 395.

Shades of Pink

  • Allydia. Five sentence drabble of Allison and Lydia putting on lipstick. Fluff. Words: 127.



  • [+Scisaac] Stiles notices that Allison and Erica have become a thing. Crack. Words: 218.
  • Allica. 5 sentence fic: cupcake, purring, fast. Fluff. Words:  127.
  • Allica. Allison finds Erica. Angst. Spoilers for Season 3. Character Death. Words: 548.
  • Allica. Erica corners Allison by her locker but doesn’t expect the hunter to get the upper hand. NSFW. Words: 1391.
  • Allica. Allison pursues Erica and Boyd in the woods, disregarding any of her past with the blonde wolf. Angst. Spoilers for 2x11. Words: 642.
  • Allica with Scisaac. Erica admits her feelings for Allison to Isaac, who happens to like Scott. Words: 605.


Other Teen Wolf

  • Stiles has to ask his father an odd question about Chris Argent. Humor. Words: 556.
  • Alpha Scott deals with bratty teenage Derek. Crack. Words: 72.
  • Stiles is forced to choose between bringing back his mother or depowering the nemeton. Angst. Words: 703.
  • Implied Jackson/Stiles. Stiles’ curiosity and natural ability to sense the supernatural is uncanny. Humor? Words: 960.
  • Stallison day dream during team human training. Crack. Words: 211.
  • Derek finds Jennifer injured in an alleyway. Derek/Jennifer. Angst/Fluff. Hurt/Comfort. Words: 453.
  • The sheriff has some interesting questions for Stiles. Sterek but focus on implied Peter Hale/Sheriff. Humor. Words: 889.
  • Derek and his mom Melissa. Kid!fic. McCall-Hale. Aidi art drabble. Words: 322.
  • Steter. Stiles is a dog walker and Peter gets a little tangled. Humor. Finish the sentence drabble. Words: 230.
  • The pack breaks a lightbulb in Derek’s loft and they try to fix it. Humor. Pack feels. Words: 543.
  • Isaac finds the wallpaper on Derek’s phone… he doesn’t expect to see the faces of the dead. Angst. Pack feels. Words: 706.


Marvel and Other Fandoms

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