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I just want to lay in a pile of warm laundry and eat bread

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The pair who are destined to — well, the two pairings, I suppose, who are destined to end up together — in a, you know, in a different way — Lancelot and Guinevere… and Arthur and, God forbid, Merlin.” - Bradley James

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Anonymous asked:

Alright, I feel like I came late to the party or something? Is yoshi your crush or something? I keep seeing the tag everywhere on really adorable posts that you reblog (thanks for that, by the way. I keep making cooing noises).


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A climbing wall that doesn’t need a harness

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Anonymous asked:

What color is your Yoshi? I mean, they come in so many different colors: green, yellow, blue, red, pink, light blue, purple, brown, black, white, orange, magenta; that's not even getting into the fact that some change colors depending on specific circumstances... Yoshis are cool like that.

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the-spirit-of-christmas asked:

Can I just ask how this crab thing started? I don't think I have ever heard the story.

Crab origin story: I am a Cancer, that is my zodiac sign, and it is also a tattoo that is on my body - the picture of which is my icon here on tumblr that you guys see next to my posts every day. 

Then one day I became friends with some dumb dragon butt named Torah. And she wanted to draw herself (a dragon) with me and Aidi. Well Aidi (indecentdrawer) is obviously a drawer/dresser with her url but me there isn’t much besides myself in my url. So she decided that she was going to draw me as a crab, because that was my icon, and she thinks crabs are cute. Torah kept drawing me as a crab, talking about me as a crab, found a gif that says pep pep creb and that solidified the whole thing really. I became a crab. 

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thehalfbloodyokai asked:

Reputation: wants to corrupt the innocent by pinching their butts with your crab hands.

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Anonymous asked:

I suddenly realized - those last two crab pics are of what appears to be the same crab... ARRA'S AN ANIMAGUS!!!

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Anonymous asked:

Iron Crab, leader of the Crab-Vengers!


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Anonymous asked:

Arrafrost corrupts innocents! Just look at what she's done to Aidi and Torah... and possibly her superhusband... and maybe Val *doubts it highly*... and everyone else that has found their way into her fabulous clutches.


corrupting Aidi, check, Torah, double check, Serenity, like half a check she only needed a nudge, Val, LOL NOPE she was already there before I got to her 

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We got these in my store today. My crab identity followed me to work.

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flaggermousse asked:

canadian crab that writes things


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gabrielsleftwing asked:

Crab, sex advice, rockin' hair + eyebrows, cute friggin nose... why is your bose so cute I don't understand


no bruh u don’t understand i am so self conscious about my nose like u are mistaken it is not cute